Monday, 14 December 2009

A compilation..

The reason this blog has been so quiet is that for ages I've been sharing my kids' funny stuff as FB tweets. Here's what you missed, going back over more than a year and starting with the most recent...

  • Steven Cavanagh heard his 2yo telling fart jokes in his sleep.

  • Steven Cavanagh loves his son enough to fish a Sinestro Corps Power Ring out of an unflushed loo.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's candle-lit dinner with his wife was interrupted by a two year old voice saying "wow, fire!" and launching into "happy birthday to you".

  • Steven Cavanagh was woken up approx. 3am two nights ago by his 4yo shouting in his sleep: "DUCK SEASON! FIRE!!"

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 2yo saw an Emu in the wild yesterday, and commented "MEEP MEEP!"

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 4yo was bitten by a great hairy spider this morning. No symptoms or super powers manifested so far.

  • Steven Cavanagh had one of those nights that lasted a hundred years. Kids cold, kids sick (X lots), kids with nightmares, kids that need drink, kids that need new roll of toilet paper, and a good dose of insomnia in the middle.

  • Steven Cavanagh just had to banish all imaginary crocodiles from a sleepy little boy's room.

  • Steven Cavanagh has a 2yo superhero who refuses to return to his secret identity.

  • Steven Cavanagh wishes he had seen his 4yo and 2yo sneak into the kitchen while mum's back was turned for an impromptu -and messy- egg and spoon race

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 2yo knows that nothing in the world is cooler than FLASHING BATMAN SHOES!

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 2yo didn't want to eat his dinner, so he tried to put it in his tummy by dropping it down inside his shirt.

  • Steven Cavanagh first suspected his 2yo was playing with his food when the sound of a jet engine toy powering up came from inside his spaghetti.

  • Steven Cavanagh had to get up 3am yesterday to catch the flight to melbourne, after getting to bed at midnight. His youngest decided to make it 2am.

  • Steven Cavanagh is proud of his superhero boys swooping in to save their mum when she needs help.

  • Steven Cavanagh has found that the tension of Hide and Seek is really amped up when the kid who's "in" can only count to 4...

  • Steven Cavanagh and his wife were going to spend the night packing for the moving truck tomorrow, but nooo, that would be too easy. So let's bump the number of sick kids up to three and throw in a late night emergency hospital dash!

  • Steven Cavanagh 's eldest is watching with delight as his fave book (charlie & the chocolate factory) comes to life before his very eyes...

  • Steven Cavanagh 's two year old held out his hands for the kitchen tongs and asked "weapon?"

  • Steven Cavanagh had the boys all to himself yesterday, and hit a crisis: 3 boys, 2 capes.

  • Steven Cavanagh reflects upon the humility of his boys' fave superheroes- the "Just us" League.

  • Steven Cavanagh managed to get his toddler to go to sleep WITHOUT the superman raincoat.

  • Steven Cavanagh took three angry, sad and/or crying boys, and sent them off to sleep giggling by ad-libbing a story involving tickle and snot guns. Epic win!

  • Steven Cavanagh little mischievous prankster turned 2 today, and refused his biggest present with a polite "no fanks".

  • Steven Cavanagh got a little nervous last night when his one year old wandered into the room with the computer, made a few noises and muttered to himself "There, I fixed it!"

  • Steven Cavanagh explained to his children, with pictures, who Michael Jackson was. Quoth Ben: "Is it a girl or a boy?"

  • Steven Cavanagh spent the afternoon racing hot wheels cars and assembling lego spaceships. The boys also got to play.

  • Steven Cavanagh can't quite remember the ABC song including "H,I,J,K, Elmo, Elmo, P"

  • Steven Cavanagh regrets showing his 1yo Speedy Gonzales cartoons. He now sneaks up behind you and shouts "EEHA!"

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 6yo and 4yo occasionally burst into the duck season/rabbit season routine.

  • Steven Cavanagh is having awesome fun with his wonderful family, a shiny new four year old, hot wheels, heatblast and an omnitrix cake.

  • Steven Cavanagh wrestled with an interesting equation yesterday: 3 excited boys + 1 friends new house + infinite mud...

  • Steven Cavanagh attempted to have a night in with his wife and a DVD. Opening credits coincided with the start of the screaming, thrashing, panadol, vomiting, nurofen and medical hotline calls.

  • Steven Cavanagh gave his boys "pickle" toast for breakfast before getting on the "foxy" train. Adult translation: sprinkle, foggy.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's boys did a great improv slapstick routine involving a box of pencils, an ankle-height telephone cord, a cup of water, and a computer

  • Steven Cavanagh would like to occasionally dress his toddler without the Benny Hill style chase.

  • Steven Cavanagh just got suprised by his 1yo bursting out of a cupboard shouting "BOO!"... again.

  • Steven Cavanagh wonders about the sale value of his formerly pristine home now that he had to hacksaw his way into his eldest son's bedroom.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 3yo son is disappointed. We finally got our For Sale sign in our yard, and there wasn't a single "4" on it!

  • Steven Cavanagh doesn't quite understand the game his boys invented, entitled "you lose, pick up the poo", but fully comprehends the underlying philosophy.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's insightful three year old asked this morning if it was Friday yet.

  • Steven Cavanagh stuck his head into a McDonalds garbage bin to retrieve his son's seashell collection that had been swiped by a cleaner.

  • Steven Cavanagh had ringside seats for his boys' tag team vomiting spectacular last night.

  • Steven Cavanagh discovered that his rampaging toddler can rip the back door off a house.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's eldest boy, unprompted, wrote a birthday note to his mum in the middle of the night and left it on her pillow.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 1yo can't quite discern between Batman, Superman and Mailman.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's eldest son worked to earn money to buy his *brother* a new toy.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 1yo thinks that a hard earned thirst needs a big cold Canola Oil.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's 6yo is saving his pocket money to buy a house for a bushfire victim.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's one year old gives him both cute kisses and glasgow kisses.

  • Steven Cavanagh 's youngest said his first sentence: "I love you Dad".

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Chris Hore said...

You've almost inspired me to make a post on my blog after a long break...almost.

I didn't know you were on Twitter, gimme your twitter name! (mine is Scratch2k)